In 2004, Davide Carlesi and Gian Luca Tonelli set up their Carlesi/Tonelli studio pooling their experience and different backgrounds in industrial design.

They combine a passion for design and knowledge of materials and technologies with the real needs of manufacturers and continuously evolving market trends.

The challenge was to seek new meanings in simplicity that enhance homes and residential settings through harmonious, delightful shapes.

Design, art direction and communication are the areas in which they express themselves and interact with customers, building a relationship based on shared values and objectives.


The DanelonMeroni design studio creates human-centered design, delivering products and experiences with meaning and personality. The studio is led by award-winning, globe-trotting industrial designers Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni.

Claudia and Federico combine their expertise in architecture, interior and product design with a unique vision for brand experience to create products that are beautiful, functional and desirable. Since founding the studio, DanelonMeroni’s home and bathroom collections have been featured in all major international trade fairs and widely published in the design press. But, most importantly, their products are used and enjoyed daily by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

DanelonMeroni perceive their role as a bridge between objects and people. Their projects therefore aim to achieve a universal design that speaks to people and markets through creativity. Every project they work on delivers a strong identity which in many cases is inspired by the stories and passion of their clients.

DanelonMeroni is multiple winner of the IF Design Award, Good Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.

The studio also works in the field of interior design, creating inspiring and engaging branded environments for the commercial and hospitality sectors.


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